Granado Espada

Status Descriptions

Agony [Agony] Decreases Move SPD and continuously decreases HP.
Air Strike Ready [Air Strike Ready]
Appassionato [Appassionato] Solemn music let Death go to the destination, weaken much of Combat abilities.
Armor Crasher [Armor Crasher] DEF down to 0 for 20 secs.
Arxon [Arxon] Decrease MOVE SPD and Item Using restricted.
Awakening [Awakening] Increases A.R. by 2.
Bleeding [Bleeding] Decrease HP during lasting time.
Blockade [Blockade] Decrease MOVE SPD and Skill Use restricted.
Blood Curse [Blood Curse] Decreases HP/SP, DEF, and MOVE SPD for a limited period of time.
Blood Revenge [Blood Revenge] Increase ATK based on amount of bloodshed.
Bloody Banquet [Bloody Banquet] When you succeed in a skill attack in the limited time!, your ATK becomes stronger.
Bloody Bracelet [Bloody Bracelet] Increases Block and Immunity.
Bloody Sword [Bloody Sword] Increases ATK and Penetration.
Broken Armor [Broken Armor] Decrease MOVE SPD, DEF and D.R will be decreased when overlapped on PC 3times.
Broken Weapon [Broken Weapon] Decrease Weapon performance.
Burn [Burn] Attack and Skill restricted for 10 secs, Max HP drop by 25%.
Camouflage [Camouflage] Reduce Damage from Magic Attack. Skill and Item Use are possible but MOVE SPD slowed. Effect disappear when changing Stance or receive ranged attack.
Charging Lightning [[Charging Lightning] Increases Lightning ATK and Lightning Penetration.]
Chromatic [Chromatic] You will be able to play intense music better.
Cold Wave [Cold Wave] Decrease ATK SPD and MOVE SPD. In case of summon creature, decrease ATK and ATK SPD.
Confession [Confession] It increases ability of resistance for a enemy armor type.
Confusion [Confusion] SP is not regenerated for a limited period of time, and skill use is disabled.
Control [Control] DEF will decrease and cannot move.
Corrosion [Corrosion] MOVE SPD is decreased for a limited time, and receives additional damage according to your Max HP.
CounterAttack [Counterattack] Stronger Skill activated when block or evade enemy attacks.
Counterattack [Counterattack] Increase much D.R. during 30 secs, double damage when use Counter-attack attribute skill. Lifted when success.
Crescent Curse [Crescent Curse] MOVE SPD is decreased for a while, and SP is decreased fast.
Curse [Curse] Target receives triple damage for a certain period of time.
Curse of Doll [Curse of Doll]
Dark Bleeding [Dark Bleeding] HP is decreased continuously for the duration.
Darkness [Darkness] Sight becomes narrow for a while.
Decay [Decay] Get pure damage ignoring DEF and RES when attacked.
Deep Sleep [Deep Sleep] Falls asleep for a limited period of time. Status is canceled when gets attack.
Dice of Death [Dice of Death] Decrease A.R., D.R., ATK, DEF and ACC.
Drain [Drain] Proportionate to the maximum constituition, HP has continuously dropped and item usage not allowed.
Drunken [Drunken] ATK, Critical Rate and MOVE SPD increases.
Dyna [Dyna] Decrease MOVE SPD.
Electric Shock [Electric Shock] Decrease MOVE SPD by half for 10 secs, No DEF work.
Electronic Field [Electronic Field] Decrease DEF and MOVE SPD.
Enervation [Enervation] Reduces ATK, ATK SPD and MOVE SPD by 50% and reduces HP by 30%. You can't regenerate HP.
Entangle [Entangle] Target is trapped on the ground for a limited amount of time. Decreases HP continually.
Enthusiasm [Enthusiasm] Leads the high atmosphere to the climax.
Expose [Expose] Receive additional damage of every shooting ATK.
Extraction [Extraction] Decreases MOVE SPD and DEF. Wildlife monsters drop food ingredients stochastically once they get Defeated.
Fear [Fear] Ability to attack enemies and use skills is negated for a certain amount of time.
Fire Aura [Fire Aura] Increases Fire Penetration.
Flame [Power of Magma] Decrease ATK SPD, MOVE SPD, DEF, Magic RES and Accuracy.
Force Field [Force Field] Decreases MOVE SPD depending on the DEF type.
Freedom of Soul [Freedom of Soul] Freedom of Soul will be endowed .
Freeze [Freeze] Immobilized for 10 secs, Lightning RES down to bottom. Wake up when knock-Back.
Freezing [Freezing] Immobilized and all RES decreased.
Frostbite [Frostbite] Decreases ATK Speed and increases Casting Time.
Fuego [Fuego] Using the skill, the additional effect will be shown.
Full Moon [Full Moon] Increases DEF and Evasion.
Furious [Furious] Enhance physical abilities.
Game [Game] Increase damage from Cecil and target of crossfire from Grey.
Gloomy Present [Gloomy Present] Makes the range of the vision narrow, and decreases the MOVE SPD.
Gravitation [Gravitation] Decreases Monvement Speed and DEF.
Hare Dance [Hare Dance] Hare's ugly dance that nobody would like, ATK and Move SPD decrease significantly.
Hiding [Hiding] Reduce MOVE SPD, DEF but ATK increased.
Hold [Hold] Impossible to move.
Holy [Holy] The Epic power surrounds the body. Increase RES against energy of abyss and damage will be decreased as reached certain Lv.
Hound [Hound] ATK and Critical are increased for a limited amount of time.
Ice Aura [Ice Aura] Increases Ice Penetration.
Ice Wizard [Ice Wizard] Immobilized for 10 secs, Lightning RES greatly reduced.
Improved Curse [Improved Curse] You can't do any actions, and you get doubled damage in its duration.
Inferring [Inferring] Considering the best result based on the situation.
Inviality [Inviality] Using Dark Magic Power and invisible from enemies but get much penalties due to surrounded by enery of Evil. Effect disappear when changing Stance or damaged by Skill Attacks.
Invisible [Invisible] Invisible to enemy.
Joker [Joker] During a certain time, using item is not possible and decrease move-speed.
Lightning Dispel [Lightning Dispel] decrease lightning attribute and buff will be gone when overlapped on PC 3 times
Long Breathing [Long Breathing] Aim better with thin, long breathing.
Love [Love] Your HP and SP increases continuously due to your sweet romantic Love.
Machina Control [Machina Control] It detects a magical power around. It absorb the detected magical power and attacks with enhanced power.
Magic Barrier [Magic Barrier] Protected by Barrier ignoring magic attacks. Increase a bit of Fire, Ice and Lightning RES.
Magic Counterattack [Magic Counterattack] In case you have ignored enemy's magical skills by using Ropera buff, the following skill damage is increased by 100%.
Magical Break [Magical Break] Decrease all Magical RES.
Marking [Marking] Marking at weakness of an enemy. Increases damage by shooting attack and in case enemy is PC then next attack will be critical damage.
Mediation [Mediation] Through belief in God, interference between me and enemy will be mediated.
Melt Armor [Melt Armor] Decrease Armor performance.
Melt Weapon [Melt Weapon] Decrease Weapon performance.
Mensa [Mensa] Increases Max HP according to INT stats
Minerva [Minerva] It purifies around oneself.
Mortal Wound [Mortal Wound] Decreased ATK, ATK SPD and MOVE SPD by 15%. Decreased DEF by 50.
My Way [My Way] Skill ATK, Penetration, Rate to ignore DEF, Casting speed rise.
Overheating [Overheating] Ignores DEF of enemy by 1% per every 4 levels.
Panic [Panic] Reduces all SP for a specific time and unable to take action during Panic.
Paralysis [Paralysis] Immobilized and Evasion, Block drop to 0 for duration time.
Pester [Pester] ACC 30 decrease and Casting time 30% increase in case of PC.
Petrify [Petrify] For a certain period of time, characters are immobilized and all actions are disabled, but DEF increases. This effect is nullified when characters are knocked down.
Physical Break [Physical Break] Decrease DEF.
Pierced Wound [Pierced Wound] Decrease HP continuously.
Poison [Poison] Decrease ATK, ATK SPD by 50%, max HP by 25% For 15 secs.
Poison of Uraeus [Poison of Uraeus] Decrease A.R., Block and DEF for 5 mins.
Powerful Stun [Powerful Stun] Immobilized.
Preparation [Preparation] Accumulates fixed amount of attacked damage.
Prophecy [Prophecy] DEF increased, disabled. HP decreased continually for a while.
Protection [Protection Field] Increases D.R. for a while.
Protection Order [Protection Order] It orders an protection in battlefields.
Rage [Rage] Increase Damage according to received Damage Amount in Rage status.
Reasoning [Inferring] Considering the best result based on the situation.
Red Virgo [Red Virgo] It shoots bullets containing Holy power.
Requiem [Requiem] Lose Will of life and weaken much all of abilities.
Rev Dance [Rev Dance] Rev's ugly dance that nobody like, ATK and Casting SPD decrease significantly.
Reverse [Control] DEF will decrease and cannot move.
Ritardi [Ritardi] ATK SPD and MOVE SPD are decreased for a certain period of time.
Root of Restriction [Root of Restriction] It holds enemy and decreases HP of enemy continuously.
Ropera [Ropera] Defends magical and debuff attacks from enemy, and increases RES of Fire, Ice, Lightning, Abnormal State and DEF.
Sand Storm [Sand Storm] Decrease ACC and immobilized due to sandstorm. Air character fall down to ground.
Scald [Scald] Decrease D.R. by 2. Skill, Potion Use restricted.
Shackles [Shackles] Increases Casting Speed, movement and DEF decreased. Reduces SP for a while.
Shock [Electric Shock] Decrease MOVE SPD by half for 10 secs, No DEF work.
Short Breathing [Short Breathing] Decrease shooting gaps with short breathing.
Sight Block [Sight Block] Sight is blocked by Smoke Screen. Accuracy and MOVE SPD are heavily decreased.
Silence [Silence] Ability has been changed.
Silent Move [Silent Move] Not get any direct attack from enemies.
Sleep [Sleep] Target is immobilized, and Evasion and Blocking drop to 0 for a limited period of time. Status canceled when damaged.
Slow [Slow] Decrease MOVE SPD. In case of monsters, decrease ATK and ATK SPD.
Stun [Stun] For 10 secs, immobilized and Evasion and Block decrease to 0. DEF decrease by 50.
Unmovable [Unmovable] you are not able to move.
Unrest [Unrest] Become not possible to attack and skill and cannot control in case of PC.
Urgent Attack Order [Urgent Attack Order] It directs an emergency operation.
Venom [Venom] Decreases MOVE SPD and DEF. Reduces HP continuously for a while.
Voidness [Voidness] HP and SP are decreased and items can't be used for the duration.
Wall of Curan [Wall of Curan]
Web [Web] Caught by Web, land and hold for secs.
Whole Cancellation [Whole Cancellation] buff lifted.
Will of field chef [Will of field chef] Struggling in the front line, they will not back down filled with a fighting spirit. All the damage will be reduced, but ATK will be weakened.