Granado Espada


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44 m
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  Waypoint (G6)
Vespanola Navy, Entrance Manager (E5)
  Viron, the Clock Tower (F7)
  Alchemist , Jenia (F6)
  Alchemist , Veronif (F6)
  Enhance Merchant, Ply (F6)
  Equipment Merchant, Robert (F7)
  Firearms Merchant, Pestina (F7)
  Magic Tools Merchant, Rogge (F7)
  Market Manager (F6)
  Precious Metals Merchant, Rolax (F7)
  Socket Merchant, Rachel (F6)
  Tool Merchant, Genia (E7)
  Beatrice (F10)
  Clock Tower Gate Keeper (F8)
  Clock Tower Investigation Soldier (F8)
  Commander-in-chief, Pharrel (C7)
  Costume Trader, Johanna (G6)
  Daria (G7)
  Dean (G8)
  Dominion Baroness (C7)
  Gigante game room helper (F6)
  Ion (F10)
  Leonardo Expreso (F6)
  Leonele (F6)
  Master, Guardian (G6)
  Mellah (E8)
  Militia member, Antonio (F6)
  Militia, Zeron (F10)
  Oswalt (H11)
  Port Manager (E9)
  Port Union Leader, Dureum (G10)
  Thief Taikbin (G5)
  Time Paradox (F7)
  Time Paradox Investigation Soldier (F7)
  Vespanola Navy Officer (G10)
  Vincent (E8)
  Viron Deposit Officer (F6)
  Viron Militia Leader, Wheelton (I7)
  Viron Patrol Captain (I9)
1  Alchemy Table of Veronif (F6)
2  Anvil for destruction (F6)
3  Boy (C7)
4  Bullet Dispenser (F7)
5  Costume Collection Chest (G6)
6  Dockyard Laborer (H10)
7  Rumin Refinery (F6)
8  Rumin/Enchant Chip Exchanger (F6)
9  The old man who is looking at the sea (F10)
A  Vegetables Merchant (E10)
B  Vespanola Navy Soldier (D7, F6)
C  Viron Militia (F9, F10, H7, J6, J7)
D  Young Girl (C7)
  [Adriana] Counterattack of Admiral (C7)
  [Adriana] Supplies Whereabouts (E10)
  [Adriana] Vespanola Transportation Troop (F10)
  [Catching Up Senior Pioneer Family] Things that I can do (1) (G6)
  [Catherine Stance] Angry children 2 (F10)
  [Fleuret Glacier] Louis Bag (E8)
  [Gigante Little Girl] The Conspiracy of Pharrel (F7)
  [Knock the Gate of Hell] Clue (G5)
  [Knock the Gate of Hell] Conspiracy of Pharrel (F8)
  [Quest] Cortes's Wish (G10)
  [Quest] Dominion Baron Family (8) (H2)
  [Quest] Leonele and Militia : Security of Viron (F10)
  [Quest] Looking for a younger sister. (2) (E8)
  [Quest] Looking for a younger sister. (4) (F10)
  [Quest] Looking for a younger sister. (6) (I6)
  [Quest] Proper Origin Mark (E8)
  [Quest] Search Clock Tower (F8)
  [Quest] Secret Conversation - Black Lightning (F10)
  [Quest] Secret Conversation - Fire Rhodolite (G5)
  [Quest] Torche's Sedative (F6)
  [Returned Devil] Missing Pharrel (H7, J6)
  [The leader of new era] Execution (F10)
  • Fame Or Die — Kubota Osamu