Granado Espada

Port of Gigante

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43 m
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  Waypoint (H10)
Entrance Manager (H11)
  Gigante Secret Room (I8)
Outside Gigante (H7)
  Enchant Merchant, Ana (H9)
  Enhance Merchant, Ply (H9)
  Item Dealer, Jessica (H9)
  Market Manager (H9)
  Precious Metals Merchant, Rolax (H9)
  Socket Merchant, Rachel (G9)
  Weapon/Armor Merchant, Robert (H9)
  Carlos (H10)
  Constellation Boy (H9)
  Costume Compounding Machine (J8)
  Coupon Exchanger (H7)
  Gigante game room helper (H9)
  Leonardo Expreso (H9)
  Lucky Coupon Exchange Machine (I8)
  Ludin (H10)
  Master, Guardian (H9)
  Rock-Paper-Scissors Boy (H9)
  Rosablanca (H9)
  Soso (H10)
1  Anvil for destruction (H9)
2  Bullet Dispenser (H9)
3  News Stand (H9)
4  Rumin Refinery (H9)
5  Rumin/Enchant Chip Exchanger (H9)
  [Fleuret Glacier] Coco Suit (F10)
  [Hunter Association Member Cruise] The Request of Cruise (I8)
  [Quest] Easter Egg [3] (H10, H9)
  • Come on my boy (mr) — S.F.A
  • Ocean Dream — S.F.A
  • Sunnyside — S.F.A