Granado Espada

Gate of Reboldoeux Queen

Gate of Reboldoeux Queen map image
23 m
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Cite de Reboldoeux (G4)
Reboldoeux Culverts (D2)
Rion Prairie (Lv.62+) (H12)
The Reboldoeux Stone Pit(Lv. 4+) (F12)
  Ancient Blessing Statue (G9)
  Angie Mackenzie (F9)
  Culvert Gatekeeper (C2)
  Gatekeeper (F11)
  Girl (F11)
  Ramiro, Adventurer (F11)
  Soldier of Reboldoeux in Disguise (E3)
1  Can't be seen but carrying Nod NPC (D3)
  [Clique Battle Republicans] Attack on Stronghold. (G8)
  [Guardian of Forest, Nena] Advise (F11)
  [Quest] Ability verification test (D2)
  [Quest] Culverts Discovered (D2)
  [Quest] Easter Egg [3] (F11)
  [Quest] Pure White Food (F11)
  [Quest] Search The Sewers (D2)
  [Request] Local Products War (F11)
  • Supercooled Girl — SoundTeMP