Granado Espada

Coimbra Nimrod Bridge

Coimbra Nimrod Bridge map image
24 m
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Garden of the kings(Lv. 24+) (E12)
Jezebel Glen(Lv. 45+) (F7)
The Port of Coimbra (I2)
The Tetra Hill(Lv. 28+) (C10)
  Ancient Blessing Statue (I5)
  Coimbra Mercenary (I5)
  Individual Raid Mission Entrance Guard (I5)
  Ivan Popovichi (J9)
  Squad Raid Mission Entrance Guard (I8)
  [Quest] Deporting Viscount Montoro to Vespanola (2) (I5)
  [Quest] Importance of family (K6)
  [Quest] Revenge of Adelina 1 - Oath Before the Graves (K6)
  [Quest] Revenge of Adelina 6 - A Grave Finale (K6)
  [Quest] Stop the revenge!(6) (K6)
  [Quest] The journey for revenge - part 2!! The final chapter!!!(3) (K6)
  [Quest] Way of Confession (I5)
  • Rosa Rosado — SoundTeMP