Granado Espada

Thueringen Lakeside

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37 m
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City of Auch (F5)
El Lago de Tres Hermanas(Lv. 69+) (E10)
El Tejado Verde (Lv. 77+) (G10)
Porto Bello, A deserted quay(Lv. 63+) (K10)
Thueringen Wald(Lv. 65+) (A6)
  Ancient Blessing Statue (E5)
  [Clique Battle Royalists] Attack on Stronghold. (F4)
  [Quest] Infantry is in danger (6) (E4)
  [Quest] Infantry is in danger (7) (E4)
  [Quest] The Last Farewell (C6)
  • Violin of the Death — S.F.A