Granado Espada

Port of Coimbra

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21 m
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  Waypoint (H3)
Castilla Exploration Recruiting Soldier (K7)
  Laboratory of Emilia (C8)
Nimrod Bridge (B9)
Pegadilla (B9)
  Reception Hall 1 (E10)
Ticket Agent (K6)
  Enchant Merchant, Ana (J7)
  Enhance Merchant, Soho (I6)
  Equipment Merchant, Adelina (J5)
  Firearms Merchant, Bernelli (J6)
  Item Dealer, Emilia (J7)
  Magia (I6)
  Magic Tools Merchant, M'Boma (J7)
  Market Manager (I6)
  Notice Board (H5)
  Precious Metals Merchant, Rolax (J6)
  PvP Officer (C9)
  Socket Merchant, Rachel (J6)
  Tempesta (I6)
  Treasure Hunter (H4)
  Vent (I6)
  Alejandro (H3)
  Captain, Ricardo (K6)
  Carlos (H3)
  Coimbra Deposit Officer (G4)
  Costume Trader, Johanna (J6)
  Face, Character Name Change Assistant (I4)
  Gigante game room helper (C9)
  Gracielo (H9)
  Grocery Merchant, Camille (F10)
  Guard, Bruno (G4)
  Irawan (G7)
  Jose Corthasar (C10)
  Leonardo Expreso (H3)
  Lisa Lynway (G9)
  Master, Guardian (G3)
  Nunez (G4)
  Old Man (K8)
  Pioneering Officer (E5)
  Serious looking person (H11)
  Supply Stocking Soldier (H3)
  Textiles Merchant, Taylor (J5)
1  A Haggard Woman (I7)
2  Antique Merchant Natasha (K8)
3  Anvil for destruction (I6)
4  Baleares Guide (H4)
5  Bullet Dispenser (J7)
6  Cabosse Merchant (G10)
7  Costume Collection Chest (J6)
8  Costume Exchanger (J6)
9  Enchant Chip Barter Merchant (I6)
A  Girl (F9, I4)
B  Grutrude and Conversation of Gerard Loren (F9)
C  Iris (C8)
D  Lady (J7)
E  Las Casas (G2)
F  Leonardo Expreso (H3)
G  Man (C9, F9, G9, H4, K7, K9)
H  Oak Cast (J5)
I  Rumin Refinery (I6)
J  Rumin/Enchant Chip Exchanger (J7)
K  Substitute Combat Master (C9)
L  Weapon Exchanger (H3)
M  Woman (I4)
  [Catching Up Senior Pioneer Family] Refined Weapon (G3)
  [Catching Up Senior Pioneer Family] Things that I can do (2) (G3)
  [Catching Up Senior Pioneer Family] Things that I can do (3) (G3)
  [Event] Girl selling pictures (J7)
  [Family Attribute] Broken Key (G3)
  [Family Attribute] Call from Master, Guardian (G3)
  [Family Attribute] Call from Master, Guardian2 (G3)
  [Family Attribute] Call from Master, Guardian3 (G3)
  [Family Attribute] Call from Master, Guardian4 (G3)
  [Family Attribute] Call from Master, Guardian5 (G3)
  [Family Attribute] Faction Mission (G3)
  [Family Attribute] Fury Griffon (G3)
  [Family Attribute] Now, I am an Average! (G3)
  [Family Attribute] Practice! (G3)
  [Family Attribute] Squad Application (G3)
  [Family Attribute] Using Family Attribute (G3)
  [Quest] A Plot of Colleague (1) (G7)
  [Quest] A Plot of Colleague (2) (G7)
  [Quest] Advertising for Yeganeh the Carpenter (H5)
  [Quest] Certificate of Construction (G4)
  [Quest] Coimbra Showdown (G7)
  [Quest] Familiar Stuff (J6)
  [Quest] Hungry Gracielo! (F10)
  [Quest] Iiller Style Tofu Dish (F10)
  [Quest] Laboratory of Emilia (C8)
  [Quest] Pure White Food (F10)
  [Quest] Revenge of Adelina 3 - To Right a Wrong (G2)
  [Quest] Rio and Furuhollen family (K6)
  [Quest] SCHIFF Hotel Advertisement (G11)
  [Quest] SCHIFF Hotel Advertisement Part Time Job (G11)
  [Quest] Sailing Out And.. (J6)
  [Quest] Selling Elizabeth's Painting (J7)
  [Quest] Stop the revenge!(2) (G9)
  [Quest] Stop the revenge!(3) (F7)
  [Quest] Stop the revenge!(4) (F10)
  [Quest] Stop the revenge!(5) (G2)
  [Quest] Stop the revenge!(9) (G9)
  [Quest] The Going Pequod (H3)
  [Quest] The Path of a Warrior to Humility 2: A True Match (C9)
  [Quest] The Path of a Warrior to Humility 4: Madness (F7)
  [Quest] The Path of a Warrior to Humility 5: The Tombstone of Epolite (C9)
  [Quest] The Path of a Warrior to Strength: Las Casas by the Sea (G2)
  [Quest] The journey for revenge - part 2!! The final chapter!!!(2) (G2)
  [Quest] Total Truth (4) (F9)
  [Quest] Total Truth (5) (F9)
  [Quest] Viki on the Plateau (G9)
  [Quest] whereabouts of Ein (J6)
  [Reckless Emilia] Deliver cake ingredients (F10)
  [Request] Dish for Stamina Recovery (F10)
  [Request] Local Products War (F10, G9)
  • Aria de Coimbra — Kubota Osamu