Granado Espada


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15 m
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Kielce (K5)
  Marchetti's Laboratory (I8)
  Airplane Researcher Kelly (G11)
  Automobile Researcher Podche (F11)
  Distiller (H9)
  Flying Ship Researcher Zeppelin (F4)
  Laboratory Guard (K5)
  Marchetti (F11)
  Researcher, Barvenko (H6)
  Researcher, Jairo (J5)
  Roy (I8)
1  Laboratory Guard (B7, B6, B5, E4, F5, H4, I4, I8, K6)
2  Researcher (D9, G7)
  [Doubt] Laboratory Search (C10, E4, G4)
  [Genius and Experiment] Come On, Fire! (I8)
  [Genius and Experiment] Pouring Fire (F11, I8)
  [Genius and Experiment] Pouring Sweat (I8)
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