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37 m
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  Waypoint (G2)
  Bristia Government Ge. (F2)
Kielce-Laboratory (A6)
  Mansion of Kielce (G7)
Outskirts (L3)
  Red Hat Pub (D8)
  Anvil for destruction (I5)
  Artifact Exchanger (I5)
  Enchant Merchant, Ana (I5)
  Enhance Merchant, Ply (I5)
  Equipment Merchant, Robert (J4)
  Firearms Merchant, Pestina (J4)
  Item Dealer, Schlino (I4)
  Magic Tools Merchant, Rogge (I4)
  Market Manager (I5)
  Precious Metals Merchant, Rolax (J4)
  Socket Merchant, Rachel (I5)
  Ancus (H8)
  Army, First Lt. Fernando (H8)
  Army, First Lt. Isac (F2)
  Army, First Lt. Yann (E9)
  Army, Major Philipe (F2)
  Army, Major William (F2)
  Army, Second Lt. Heinz (C9)
  Army, Staff Sergeant Dorvan (D8)
  Army, Staff Sergeant Jesef (C7)
  Artisan, Victor (D5)
  Aunt Rudy (A6)
  Barber, Barrol (B4)
  Blood Navy First Lt. Amanda (E9)
  Blood Navy Member, Brye (I3)
  Blood Navy Second Lt. Chase (J11)
  Blood Navy, Lt. Stephanie (I3)
  Blood Navy, Second Lt. Iris (H7)
  Blood Navy, Second Lt. May (I3)
  Bluse Sky Cafe Owner Serena (K8)
  Brilliant Painter Elizabeth (K8)
  Bristia Merchant Union Manager (E2)
  Cain (J5)
  Captain Schub (F6)
  Channel Coco (I9)
  Commander, Lt. Major Samuel (F5)
  Daniel (D3)
  Durant (B6)
  First Officer Lt. Tube (F4)
  Fur Merchant, Gregory (K7)
  Gigante game room helper (H4)
  Government General Guard, Benjamin (G2)
  Government General, Col. Steven (F2)
  Inspector Aide Major Nina (I2)
  Internal Affairs, Captain Thorpe (D7)
  Internal Affairs, Staff Sergeant Dustin (B7)
  Jode (E9)
  Kielce Deposit Officer (F2)
  Leonardo Expreso (I5)
  Master, Guardian (E2)
  Merchant Union Rep., Chyler (I5)
  Mission Guard, Insek (F8)
  New Aide, Lieut. Albert (F2)
  Port Union Leader, Jeremy (D9)
  Port Union Member, Anthony (D9)
  Port Union Member, Peter (E10)
  Realtor Waldorf (J3)
  Rica (C5)
  SCHIFF Owner John (J5)
  Shadow Owner, Scott (D10)
  Ship Materials Guard (G3)
  Ship Materials Officer, Second Lt. Andrew (G5)
  Simon (B6)
  Supplies, Sergeant Thomas (D2)
  Tigres Prison, Investigation Soldier (L3)
  Used Bookstore Owner, Ork (A4)
  Viscount Berat (J7)
1  Bascule Bridge Guard (E8)
2  Blood Navy Member (I2)
3  Bristia Box Dismantle Anvil (D6)
4  Bristia Citizen (I8, J8)
5  Bullet Dispenser (I4)
6  Elmer (H9)
7  Emily (H9)
8  Female Merchant (J4)
9  Gallen (B4)
A  Government General Guard (E2, F2)
B  Governor Office Guard (G2, H2)
C  Internal Affairs Guard (D7)
D  Irene (I11)
E  Kielce Residence Security Guard (G7)
F  Leonardo Expreso (I8)
G  Merchant Union Member, Fred (K8)
H  Museum Guard (J6)
I  Perimeter Guard (L3)
J  Port Guard (C9, D9)
K  Refining Furnace of Twisted Weapon (D5)
L  Rumin Refinery (I5)
M  Rumin/Enchant Chip Exchanger (I5)
N  Security Guard (D8, J10)
O  Valiant (I11)
  [Calm before the storm] Strange movement. (C9)
  [Cano] Cano Kielce (G7)
  [Cano] Cano's old book (G7)
  [Cano] Cano's story - Flame of Chester (G7)
  [Cano] Cano's story - Genos' Spear (G7)
  [Cano] Cano's story - Richard's Holy Sword (G7)
  [Cano] Cano's story - Veiren and Reaper (G7)
  [Cano] Cano's story - Wall of Curan (G7)
  [Cano] Cano's tears (G7)
  [Catching Up Senior Pioneer Family] Refined Weapon (E2)
  [Catching Up Senior Pioneer Family] Things that I can do (2) (E2)
  [Catching Up Senior Pioneer Family] Things that I can do (3) (E2)
  [Encounter] Three Men (F2)
  [Epilogue] Caisse's plan (F2)
  [Epilogue] End.. And. (F2)
  [Epilogue] Recalled Memory (I9)
  [Epilogue] Spread the news about Victory (I8, J8)
  [Family Attribute] Broken Key (E2)
  [Family Attribute] Call from Master, Guardian (E2)
  [Family Attribute] Call from Master, Guardian2 (E2)
  [Family Attribute] Call from Master, Guardian3 (E2)
  [Family Attribute] Call from Master, Guardian4 (E2)
  [Family Attribute] Call from Master, Guardian5 (E2)
  [Family Attribute] Faction Mission (E2)
  [Family Attribute] Fury Griffon (E2)
  [Family Attribute] Now, I am an Average! (E2)
  [Family Attribute] Practice! (E2)
  [Family Attribute] Squad Application (E2)
  [Family Attribute] Using Family Attribute (E2)
  [Friend of a Genius] A Person that a Genius can Understand (F2)
  [Glorious Sanctuary] Be Framed (F2)
  [Glorious Sanctuary] The Light of Armonia (F2)
  [Glorious Sanctuary] Trail 1 (D7)
  [Glorious Sanctuary] Trail 2 (F2)
  [Heroes of Bristia] Summon (D8)
  [J.D.'s Secret] J.D.'s Dream (L3)
  [J.D.'s Secret] J.D.'s Past (1) (L3)
  [J.D.'s Secret] J.D.'s Past (2) (L3)
  [Kielce Guide] Advice of Port Guard (D9)
  [Kielce Guide] Merchant Union Guide by Cain (J5)
  [Legendary Mercenary] Discovered Clue (F2)
  [Legendary Mercenary] Illegitimate Child of 3 Year War (F2)
  [Legendary Mercenary] Sad News (F2)
  [Lorch, Angie Sub-quest] The Cruel Truth (C7)
  [Merchant Union Job] A Lot of Fur of Wolf (K7)
  [Merchant Union Job] Fur of Wolf (K7)
  [Merchant Union Job] Golden Apple (K7)
  [Merchant Union Job] High Quality White Fur (K7)
  [Merchant Union Job] Marble Stone (K7)
  [Merchant Union Job] Pioneer Merchant Letter of Credit (K7)
  [Merchant Union Job] Ruby (K7)
  [Missing] Search Kielce (D8)
  [Olivia]Escape (F2)
  [Olivia]Responsibility (D8)
  [Persuade Marchetti!] Governor's Calculation (E8)
  [Pure Saint] Saint's New Continent Outing (G6)
  [Quest] A Bad Memory (D8)
  [Quest] Boy, be a man. (K8)
  [Quest] Bristia To Government General (F2)
  [Quest] Drunk Barrol : RED HAT 21 (B4)
  [Quest] Drunkard Barrol: Mischievous (D4)
  [Quest] Drunkard Barrol: Promise (J10)
  [Quest] Fake Confirmation Note - Gather Information (A4)
  [Quest] Fake Confirmation Note - Gather Information2 (J8)
  [Quest] Fake Confirmation Note - Search for Information (F2)
  [Quest] For Bernelli (D8)
  [Quest] For running the Flying Ship to Armonia.. (F2)
  [Quest] Heyran in Danger (D8, F2)
  [Quest] Kielce Research (H7, I9, J8)
  [Quest] Laboratory Search (F2)
  [Quest] Opening act of a war (D8)
  [Quest] Ork's Request to Collect the Green Book (B5, F3, G7, J11)
  [Quest] Owner of the Fake Confirmation Note (D8)
  [Quest] Pub, and Trap (D8)
  [Quest] Selva's Memory (C5, D8)
  [Quest] Simon and Daniel (D3)
  [Quest] Strange Proposal (A6)
  [Quest] The dice has been thrown. (D8)
  [Quest] The memory of Edward (D9)
  [Quest] Their Life (F8)
  [Quest] To Government General Again (F2)
  [Quest] Token of Appreciation (J5)
  [Quest] Unrefusable Proposal (D8)
  [Red-eyed Man] Chase of Blood Navy (F2)
  [Red-eyed Man] Owner of Royal Guard (F3)
  [Red-eyed Man] Traitor (D8)
  [Repetition]Simon's Request - Bloody Gysophila (B6)
  [Repetition]Simon's Request - Chamomile (B6)
  [Selva Sub] For Edward (D8)
  [Stone Pit Manager Jack] News from Stone Pit (D9)
  [negotiations] Contrary marchetti (F2)
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