Granado Espada

Armonia Cathedral

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30 m
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Armonia (G11)
  Archbishop Vega (D4)
  Asceticism Priest, Lycose (G6)
  Bishop, Lennon (I4)
  Deputy Commander, Sirius (F3)
  Pope Ludio II (G2)
  Priest, Baruch (G7)
  Priest, Francis (F4)
  Priest, Joel (F7)
  Priest, Paulo (G4)
  Priest, Roman (G5)
  Saint, Anis (G3)
1  Cathedral Incense Burner (G3)
2  Cathedral Sarcophagus (F5)
  [Crusader of Light] Rest in Peace in Heaven (F3)
  [Glorious Sanctuary] Where is the bread I left at dinner last night? (F7)
  [Grimoire of darkness] Holy forgiveness (F4)
  [Pure Saint] Depressed Vincent (F9)
  [Pure Saint] Negotiations (G5)
  • Lord of Armonia — Clubzion
  • Saint Gregorian — JN