Granado Espada

Training Center of Soldier of Reboldoeux (Level 1-1)

Training Center of Soldier of Reboldoeux map image
21 m
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Entrance/Exit Control Officer (G2, G12)
1  Barrack Guide (G11)
2  Equipment Instructor (G11)
3  Harvest/Assault Mode Instructor (F6, G6, I6)
4  Hold/Keep Mode Instructor (F9, G9, H9)
5  MCC and Strategy Instructor (G11)
6  Tutorial Tips Soldier (G11)
  •  Monster spawn point
  • Oporto Partita — Kim Junsung

SOFTHumanLevel 1 Soldier of Reboldoeux

Soft Armor
No Attribute
HP: 133
EXP: 0
SPD: 204
ATK Range: 2m
Hits per attack: 1
ATK: 6
A.R.: 1
DEF: 12
D.R.: 1
Fire RES: 0
Ice RES: 0
Lightning RES: 0
Mental RES: 0
Abnormal State RES: 0
Skill List: Harpoon
Respawns after
Maximum population 2000 (100.0%)