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Renaissance Granado Espada

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Status update


As you have noticed there was almost two month update hiatus. However we are starting to kick back into gear bringing you updates and fixes.

Things are happening:

  • We have two new development team members. They are not GMs though.
  • We are in process of setting up new dedicated test server.
  • Experimental game updater should replace old buggy updater soon.
  • Royal Rumble revision is in the works.
  • Many bug fixes are under investigation:
    • Daria / Asoka stance rings buffing incorrect skill
    • Code Name L skills not critting
    • Attendance buff not updating or applying at all
    • Hanging Guard skill Shell Breaker from not being able to toggle off

Stay tuned for more updates in coming weeks!


2018-01-19 changelog

  • Reduced drop chances of belts on Tigress floor 9

Server migration and delayed maintenance


Today’s (2017-12-26) maintenance will not be carried out. We will have extended maintenance on Thursday (2017-12-28). Server will be moved to different datacenter. Infrastructure is still being worked on and extended maintenance day may still change if any unexpected circumstances arise.


Bountiful Snowman Event


Once again the Bountiful Snowman has found his way back into world of Granado Espada! Seek the snowman according to global announcement and hit it hard as his pockets are full of gifts!

Merry Christmas and Happy (upcoming) New Year!

Edit: Extra 100% gold for donors is active through 2017-12-23 - 2017-12-26.


Donation changes


Reward points system is retired. You will no longer be given reward points on donations website. If you have unused reward points - you may still use them.

From now on 1 USD will yield 110 gold. This is extra 10% gold for everyone unconditionally. Reward points yielded at most 10% bonus, but usually less.

Donations of 50 USD or more you will receive 20% extra gold.

Donations of 100 USD or more you will receive 30% extra gold.

These changes are permanent.


2017-11-28 changelog

  • Fix warp location from Armonia, En Cellar to Armonia, El Templo.
  • Update Tigress roulettes. More info.

Black friday


Black friday is black friday everywhere, therefore through the weekend our donors get to enjoy 2x gold bonus!

Promo lasts until 2017-11-27.


2017-11-21 changelog


New map: Armonia, El Templo

  • Map can be entered from Armonia, En Cellar
  • New field boss: Oscuras
    • Recipe - Santo De Blanc Leather Armor
    • Recipe - Santo De Blanc Coat
    • Recipe - Santo De Blanc Robe
    • Recipe - Santuario Metal Armor
    • Red Turin Shroud
    • Leather Tapestry
    • Armor Piece of Senior Crusader
  • New field boss: Abyss Desglose
    • Recipe - Santo De Blanc Coat
    • Red Turin Shroud
  • New field boss: Abyss Deses
    • Recipe - Santo De Blanc Coat
    • Red Turin Shroud
  • New field boss: Dullahan, Cabeza
    • Crest of Sacred Priest
    • Crest of Dark Priest

New armors and their recipes:

  • Santo De Blanc Coat
  • Santo De Blanc Leather Armor
  • Santuario Metal Armor

P.S. Listed boss drops are partial, bosses drop more stuff.


Halloween bonus gold extension


We had Halloween bonus gold event for donors too. Did not notice? Well because i misplaced announcement which contained a mistake too. Very embarrassing. Since you could not notice it due to my mistake extra 100% gold event is extended.

2017-10-30 - 2017-11-05 is the time when you get extra 100% gold.



Halloween event


We are upon a pumpkin festival once more and the best way to celebrate is an event of course!

Visit Halloween Tombstone in city of Auch in order to participate. Event rules are simple:

  1. Get a quest from the Halloween Tombstone
  2. Kill monsters required by the quest as fast as possible
  3. Rush back to the Halloween Tombstone as fast as possible to collect rewards

You may want to keep enhancement boosters and tranquillizers close, as rewards include Reinforce Fever buff which will increase chances of successful enhancement for up to 20% (success chance increase is not reflected in item enhancement UI). Also this is a good opportunity to skip on some levelling up as rewards include Master Exp Card.

You may do event quest three times a day. Event time-frame is 2017-10-26 - 2017-11-02.


About The Server

Join a vibrant Renaissance Granado Espada private server community which is thriving since year 2012. Server features many customisations to ease progression as well as improve gameplay.


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