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2017-10-17 changelog


Earlier this week:

  • Fixed some Perfect Warp License (Event) variants not working.
  • Fixed issues with flash sales (no item limit, not allowing to buy at all, etc..)


  • Players can save warp slots when not owning Perfect Warp License (reverted previous change)
  • Fixed crash when taking too many items from item cabinet. CProetti awarded 10k gold for discovering it.
  • Taking items from cabinet will now stop after first failure to take item. Fixes spam of error message boxes in some situations.

2017-10-10 changelog

  • Updated Breeze boss loot table on Bristia Scar map.
  • Fixed bug which allowed unprotecting item without entering trade password.
  • Fixed non-permanent item dupe exploit. CProetti awarded 20k gold for reporting it.
  • Added extra check to prevent NPCs taking protected items.

New Breeze loot table:

Item Name Chance Levels
White Gold Bar x10 100% 100 ~ 150
Bristia belt 100% 150
Elite bristia recipe 100% 150
One of bristia boots, gloves, earrings, necklace 100% 149
Greek Croma armor 50% 150
Elite bristia recipe 1-5% 100 ~ 149
Elite Le Blanc 5% 100 ~ 150
Artisan items x1-x4 20% 100 ~ 148
Elite Le Noir 1-5% 140 ~ 148
Greek Croma armor 1-5% 140 ~ 148
Magic earring or belt 1-5% 140 ~ 148
Greek croma recipe 5% 130 ~ 148
Elite Le Noir recipe 5% 130 ~ 148
Magic Earring recipe 5% 130 ~ 148
Magic Belt Recipe 5% 130 ~ 148
Crafted Physical RES Necklace Recipe 3% 130 ~ 148
Recipe - Crafted Necklace of Resistance to Attribute 3% 100 ~ 148
Recipe - Crafted Shot RES Necklace 3% 100 ~ 148
One of bristia boots, gloves, earrings, necklace 1-5% 100 ~ 148
E92 items 30% 100 ~ 129

Each entry in the table means drop of single item, unless stated otherwise.
1-5% means that chance scales up from 1% at 100lv and 5% at 150lv.


2017-09-19 changelog

  • Fix [Barrol] stance to give 1.5x-2x damage when in [Drunken] state.

Royal Rumble event

This is a permanent event where players fight for Symbol of Warrior. Last player in possesion of this item wins the event and receives 10 x Enchantment Chip Expert. Event happens four times a day, starting on 09:00, 15:00, 21:00 and 03:00 and lasts for 30 minutes. Entry fee is 5,000,000 Vis. To participate in the event talk to PvP Officer.

Mark posts as solutions please

Few weeks ago I added a forum plugin that allows marking support section posts as a solution. Noone seems to have noticed that therefore I am pointing it out here: please if post answers question you have raised - mark that post as a solution. This can be done by clicking three dots next to reply button:

And then clicking a solution button in expanded list:

Thank You!


Extra gold


This weekend (09-09 - 09-10) 100% extra gold bonus is active. Because we had one quite a while ago.



2017-09-05 changelog

  • Fix instant critical hit for Elemental Master when Elemental Control skill level is multiple of 5.
  • Fix not being able to buy same item twice in a row on flashsales.
  • Fix ransom quests not taking required items on last quest stage.
  • Bristia boxes removed from Tigress roulettes (all floors).
  • Fixed time on website info page (was not showing correct time during daylight-savings period)
  • Fixed online check on website info page (was showing permanently online)
  • Added last bot check captcha display on website. If captcha does not load for you in game - load and look it up. You have to be logged in with account that was flagged for bot check.

2017-08-08 changelog

  • Fixed equipping broomstick and encyclopedia costumes
  • Extended free warp list to 15
  • Extended premium warp list to 45 and added new 45 slot warp licenses of 15 and 30 days.

Some people are confused about not being able to use warp points saved in last column. After this patch last column becomes available after using 45 slot warp license. If you do not wish to use 45 slot warp license then save warp points in previous columns, each of which got extra 5 slots.


2017-08-01 changelog

  • Fix 2 Minutes to Midnight costume making character invisible.
  • Changed bonus accuracy to bonus immunity stat in Shadow Trigger.
  • In ToC players will always get Chaos Festival buff.

Experimental Updater


This was in the works for quite some time, trying to make update process more smooth and reliable. Some people were already testing it with a good success. I believe at this time we should no longer have serious breakage so if you feel brave (or have issues with legacy updater) please give this one a spin. It always has latest files for live server. It was designed with startup speed in mind therefore it checks files and starts game automatically. If there are no updates available game starts in a fraction of a second.

  1. Download Update-Experimental.exe
  2. Extract to game directory, eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\rGE Granado Espada
  3. Run new updater, eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\rGE Granado Espada\Update-Experimental.exe
  4. Optionally make a shortcut to your desktop.

You can get back to old updater at any time if there are any problems.

Please test and report any issues with update process.

Available options:

Description Option
Disable proxy --no-proxy
Socks5 proxy --proxy socks5://
Http proxy without authentication --proxy
Do not auto-start game --no-autostart
Perform full check --full-check

Add these options to updater shortcut like so:


2017-07-18 changelog

  • Merged [Rod] and [Broom] item types, updated their descriptions and some stats.
  • Merged [Book] and [Encyclopedia] item types, updated their descriptions and some stats.
  • Updated animations of [Sierra Rose].
  • Updated models of brooms.
  • Updated models of encyclopedias. Known issue - encyclopedia now is too small when Kano equips it.
  • Weapons set to hidden for [First Aid], [Fortitudo] and [Enhanced Tactics]. These looked weird when used with equipped weapons.
  • Added 4 extra barracks, 22 in total.
  • Fixed positioning of few buttons in barracks.

2017-07-04 changelog

  • Fix getting Croisement stance in a quest.
  • Removed remaining drops of (nouse) armors and recipes.

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