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28.xx.xx update


I would like to announce that work is underway to bring v30.43.02 v28.xx.xx to our server. It is not trivial however and therefore it will take some time. Think multiple months.

In the upcoming days/weeks ill be posting some screenshots in this thread so stay tuned!


Q: What update will include?
A: All of the following

  • All new scenario quests
  • All new UI updates
  • All new characters and their quests
  • All new game systems
  • Any other features that were implemented on official servers

Q: Can we update in-place?
A: I sure hope so. It is still not clear if we will be able to fix player’s quest state so you do not end up in situation where you are unable to advance quests because of these new changes.

Q: Will we loose any features?
A: Yes. Following features will be removed:

  • Auto-sell button (hopefully temporarily)
  • Custom character quests (will be replaced by official ones)
  • Some skill/buff customizations may be lost in the process, we will do our best to port over most important ones.
  • Ability to carry over 4b vis. This will be permanent.

2019-02-05 changelog

  • Removed food drops from Kielce Night
  • Allowed Warps in Kielce Night, Training Camp, and Training Camp (Night)
  • Fix for missing Vernier costumes in Letizia Event
  • Fix Pitiless Skill tooltip for Sariel
  • Fixed Pitiless effect on Sariel for level 11 and 12 buff

To celebrate new lunar year gold is 2x for donors until 2019-02-08!


2019-01-29 changelog

  • Armonia En Celar and Armonia Ancient En Celar reworked to be official-like.
  • rGE Letizia event (2019-01-29 - 2019-02-12).
  • New RNPC - Sariel. May be obtained from rGE Letizia event.

2019-01-22 changelog

  • Tigress raid field drops increased (official-like)
  • Chip exchanger can exchange 5 expert chips to 1 master chip

2019-01-07 changelog



  • Adjusted some character descriptions
  • Added Diary of Veronif to BH shop.
  • Melee/Shoot trigger lv. 10 applying bonus of 1/2 of the ability increased by gears.
  • Melee/Shoot trigger lv. 11+ applying bonus same as the ability increased by gears.
  • Elemental Control implemented like on official servers:
    • When Elemental Control buff expires it no longer gives next level of Elemental Control.
    • When Elemental Control buff expires it no longer gives Elemental Spirit buff.
    • When Elemental Control buff is used while user has this buff already - buff level is reset to 1.
    • Elemental Spirit is now properly applied on every 5th level of Elemental Control.
    • Elemental Spirit is not removed on knockdown.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Therapy Rings did not increase the skill levels of Depoison and Deresist

Jupath mirror


As closed we all felt a gaping hole of information on GE, having nowhere to look for it. Fortunately for us @Solidus copied entire website not so long ago and kindly shared backup with us. rGE will be hosting mirror of jupath indefinitely.


2018-12-25 Changelog



  • Letizia event end - Removed Letizia NPC from Coimbra
  • Bane - added to Cash Shop and a mission roulette.
  • Update World X PVP shop with new items
  • Evil Armor added to Evil Shop in Viron
  • 11 new background music tracks added

Bug Fixes

  • Fix damage bug with Bane’s Killer Instinct buff

Christmas Event



It is that time of the year again, when Santa and his deers find a way back to the land of Granado Espada.

Give a hand to Santa by rescuing his deers and you will be rewarded handsomely with Christmas Cookies. These magical cookies may be exchanged for a wealth of useful event items.


That is not all! If you feel lucky you may try playing rock-paper-scissors with Santa Nunez. Should you win - you will double your cookies. Be aware - should you loose - all cookies go to Santa Nunez!

2x gold activated! Lasts from 2018-12-20 to 2018-12-26.
Xmas event lasts until 2019-01-02.

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2018-12-11 Changelog


Bane has arrived to rGE!


  • New rNPC: Bane. Get Bane from the Letizia Box.
  • New event! December 2018 rGE Letizia event from December 11 - December 25. See NPC or bottom of post for full roulette list. NPC is in port of Coimbra.
  • Letizia event has additional one-time rewards. See NPC or bottom of post for full reward list.
  • Bane has Blessing of Lyndon buff during event. Gives +100% item drop rate, 2x additional reward roulette.
  • Added Bane rings to ring boxes (Renaissance Ring Box, Ring Box of Chester, Ring Box of Curan) and to Ring Changer NPC.
  • New Medal for Bane from Event:

Bane Event Drops and One-Time Bonuses:


2018-12-04 Changelog



  • Preparing a new rNPC release next week…
  • Updated game download to include all patches until 2018-12-01.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed numerous translation issues regarding skill names.
  • Fixed launcher issue where daylight savings time forced full check all the time.
  • Excluded weapon costumes from auto-adding to sell list. If you customize rules - compare your config with default rules found on Configuring Auto-add button for shops.

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