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2018-03-13 changelog

  • Fixed Surrounding Bat / Surrounding Snow skills not dealing additional AOE damage
  • Adjusted Armonia, El Templo boss spawn timer
  • Changed Rabbit pet to healer until loot bug resolved
  • Added in all missing spell and attack effects
  • Updated all data files to allow for future content


  • Add new RNPC Elizabeth. Currently acquirable from Letizia 2018 NPC in Coimbra
  • New Letizia event from March 6th - March 27th. See forum for full rewards list
  • Implement Blessing of Lyndon buff; Elizabeth has buff during event time. Gives +100% item drop rate and double additional reward roulette
  • Beatrice’s Tempest stance now correctly gives increased penetration and immunity
  • Add magic enchantment stablizers to game. Gives 3x chance of rare option during enchantment. Currently acquirable from 2018 rGE Letizia Box
  • Fix Leona Indicacion Ring buff applying correctly when not in squad
  • Corrected bugs with Rabbit pet looting and hatching with pet merchant
  • Increased difficulty of Armonia, El Templo bosses (additional revision planned for Oscuras)
  • Added new RNPC ???
  • Added quest to get ??? card. Talk to ??? in ???
  • Buff damage of Montoro Ambrosia stance skills Deadly Chain / Surrounding Bat / Final Disaster

Reward List

  • Moonstone x25
  • Upgraded Drawing Ring
  • Elizabeth Card --> Blessing of Lyndon applies to Elizabeth only during event time
  • LastSupper x1
  • Growth Stone x50
  • Dazzling Spodumene x1
  • Principal Potion (Event) x3
  • Cool Vita Peach Mango x5
  • Expert Chip (Event) x25
  • Veteran Chip (Event) x25
  • Total Status Ampule (Event) x1
  • Renaissance Ring Box x1
  • Evil Weapon Merchant Summon Stone x1

100 Box bonus list

  • Growth Stone x100
  • Dazzling Spodumene x1
  • +6 Master Impervium x6
  • Cool Vita Peach Mango x5
  • Expert Chip (Event) x100
  • Vernier Costume Merchant Summon Stone x1 --> 1 Vernier Weapon costume of choice Unattainable in game
  • Evil Weapon Merchant Summon Stone x1 --> gives evil weapon of choice
  • Veteran Chip (Event) x325

200 box bonus list

  • Growth Stone x200
  • Dazzling Spodumene x2
  • +6 Master Impervium x6
  • Veteran Chip (Event) x600
  • Expert Chip (Event) x175
  • Vernier Costume Merchant Summon Stone x1
  • Evil Weapon Merchant Summon Stone x1
  • Magic Enchantment Stabilzer (Event) x50 --> for enchanting weapons/armor, gives 3x enchant chance of rare option. Unattainable in game

300 box bonus list

  • Growth Stone x333
  • Vernier Costume Merchant Summon Stone x2 --> 2 Vernier Weapon costumes of choice Unattainable in game
  • +6 High Master Impervium x6
  • Dazzling Spodumene x4
  • Expert Chip (Event) x300
  • Vernier Costume Merchant Summon Stone x1
  • Evil Weapon Merchant Summon Stone x2
  • Magic Enchantment Stablizer (Event) x50

At 300 boxes purchased, NPC resets counter to 0 to allow you to get 100/200/300 boxes again.


2018-02-27 changelog

  • Buff Ion stance and skills (Flare now gives Ion Penetration and INT, lower cooldown on Frost Storm, lower cooldown on Freezing, Frost stance gives increased Penetration and Immunity)
  • Buff Beatrice stance and skills (Tempest stance gives increased Immunity, lower cooldown and more damage on all skills in Tempest stance except Thunder Ball)
  • Adjusted drops of monsters in Armonia, El Templo
  • Increased difficulty of Armonia, Biego bosses
  • Buff Kess / Caisse stance and skills (Heavy Stinger Overheat Max level increased to 140, Heavy Stinger stance now gives immunity and increased resistance to magic attacks, Overlimit buff now grants reduced casting time, Overheat now gives 1% ignore def per every 3 levels)
  • Fix Daria’s Trigger skill to correctly increase the HP stat, not max HP
  • NEW Pet: Rabbit. See the Custom Pet NPC in Reboldeux
    • 30% EXP increase, 30% stance EXP increase, 30% item drop increase, loots
  • Updated default auto-sell item configuration. It can be found on wiki page as well.

2018-02-20 changelog

  • Updated all UI images
  • Correct Lyndon Box --> Renaissance Box in some UI menus
  • Added Armonia, Biego area. Access via Armonia, El Templo. Bosses drop Armonia Gloves and Santo De Blanc Leather Armor
  • Increased difficulty of Armonia, Gloria bosses
  • Lhote can now use Sabres and Swords with his Combatant / Piracy stances. Lhote can now equip metal armor
  • Corrected bug in Chaos debuff
  • Cannon Shooter Claire / Cutie Claire’s Skill “Still A Novice” now gives +1% ATK per skill level and +2 AR at skill level 12
  • Lucifer Twisted Spacetime Room mission player requirement reduced from 8 to 6
  • Corrected Leona Indication Ring skill to buff all alive squad members in range
  • Corrected bug with Armonia Gloria boss respawn time
  • Corrected bug with Patrick Fuego + Cruelmente damage in PVP
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Happy chinese new year!


In addition to Valentine’s event please enjoy extra 100% gold for donors. Happy chinese new year!

Promo lasts until 2018-02-20


New game Updater


The good news

This is finally happening! Our experimental updater which was in testing for a long time is finally graduating to be our main updater!

Few (technical) highlights of new updater:

  • Partial updates of big files: huge files like animation.ipf for example will be updated in-place, without making a copy of multi-gigabyte file, downloading only bits and pieces of file that actually changed.
  • Extremely fast update speeds: as a direct consequence of partial updates now big files are updated much faster.
  • Extremely fast operation when there are no updates: if no update is available updater will know that in a few seconds and immediately start game client. Now there is no reason to not run updater as it will show up and disappear, just like a splashscreen!
  • Your powerful CPU will be utilized to the max so you have to wait less.

Not so good news

In case you are out of loop - our old updater source code was lost in an unfortunate accident. Because of this we can not provide a graceful automatic update to new updater. You have to redownload new updater manually.

Steps to upgrade

  1. Download new updater:
  2. Unpack archive to your main game directory (for example C:\Program Files (x86)\rGE Granado Espada\ overwriting existing files.
  3. Run new Update.exe

If you have any problems please post on forums.


2018-02-13 changelog

  • Added Patrick character
  • Added quest to get Patrick card and Patrick stance book. Talk to Patrick in Armonia Cathedral
  • Added Armonia, Gloria area. Access via Armonia, El Templo. Bosses drop Armonia Boots and Armonia Belt
  • Added Valentine’s event which ends on 2018-03-03 after maintenance.
    • Talk to Leona in Coimbra to get Valentine’s 2018 chocolates.
    • Exchange chocolates for a chocolate box which gives a chance at a Vernier Weapon Costume. Full list of possible rewards include:
      • Status Ampule x2
      • Principal Potion (Event) x3
      • Growth Stone x50
      • Enhanced Enhancement Ampule x3
      • Principal Ampule x3
      • Cool Vita Peach Mango x5

2018-02-06 changelog

  • Cecille’s Arch Sting stance now gives 20% magic resistance, +10 immunity at Stance Level 25
  • Rachel Sheffield’s job skill High Class duration increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds, now gives -25% casting time and AR +1
  • Rachel Sheffield’s Illusion Gunner skill Imagination now gives +1% attack speed per level
  • Veil’s Twin Sting skill Wolf Eye now gives +2% ATK, +2 penetration per level
  • Corrected Romina and Rescue Knight Job Skill & Combination Rings to increase skill level of Emergency instead of Resuscitation.
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2018-01-30 changelog

  • Fixed bug where some roulette limits did not reset after a week. Quality of roulette drops should increase greatly.
  • Fix Soul Guard skill bug not applying additional damage when target in specific debuff status
  • Corrected Pioneer Point shop entry for recipe
  • Fix skill description for Equites skill Bless
  • Rumble Revamp Phase 2: Participant Shop, changed end of event mechanics
  • Revised Bloody Navy raid drops
  • Cecille skill Piercing Arrow Ignore DEF increased from 30 to 50
  • Cecille skill Force Volley Shot: Ignore DEF increased from 50 to 60
  • Cecille skill Order Point Shot: Ignore DEF increased from 50 to 60
  • Cecille [Game] status: all damages +20% increased to all damages +100%

2018-01-23 changelog

  • Fixed Leona / Code Name L skills not critting
  • Fixed Hanging Guard skill Shell Breaker from not being able to toggle off
  • Fixed bug where certain physical skills would not crit
  • Fixed Asoka stance rings to buff Double Slice instead of Changed Position
  • Fixed Daria combine stance rings to buff Trigger instead of Shadow Trigger
  • Royal Rumble Revamp Phase 1 (See the Royal Rumble Revision forum post for more details):
    • Victor tokens added
    • Victor store added
    • Participant tokens added
  • Tigress floor 9 drop rates corrected. Belt spam fixed.

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