2016-09-27 changelog

This is very big update therefore client update is required. Without it too many things will break or be displayed incorrectly.

  • Synced buff data with official (about 90% complete)
  • Synced skill data with official (about 90% complete)
  • Fixed many missing effects (like feathers on angel series costumes)
  • Fixed displaying circle of effect on many AOE skills that had them missing.
  • Imported many models and textures from official.
  • Added Elemental Master stance to Elementalist. Book is sold at Emlia's store in Coimbra.
  • Fixed issue that caused partial server crash on weekend which prevented participating in AW.
There are so many skill changes that it is not practical to list them all. Instead i am attaching my work files that i used for updating server. They are not user-friendly but you can find all exact changes there. They new skill descriptions are 99% accurate.

Buffs and skills being about 90%-complete mean that there still are some new behaviors added on official servers that we do not have. I edited them out of skill descriptions as much as possible to keep descriptions accurate. They will be finished later on.

Among other notable changes - lots of skills ignore more DEF, no longer require consumable items to be used or had consumable item amounts reduced, buffs had their durations extended.

16:00 Update:

This patch turned out to be disaster. We hit two critical issues:

  • Updater still not updating properly
  • Buffs not displaying properly
Unfortunately i never experienced any issues with buffs during my tests, that is why they made to live. In about 30 minutes from time of writing server will be restarted and fix applied.
Updater issues finally fixed for good. We confirmed with multiple people that updater finally downloads 100% proper files. You may need to manually download Update.exe one last time and place it in game folder.

2016-09-20 changelog

Custom character modifications were undone. As some characters are REALLY underpowered and simply useless now this week will be spent working on balancing out pvp damage reduction on per-character basis meaning some weaker characters will get way less or no damage reduction at all while strong ones may still get up to 50% damage reduction.
Due to custom changes being undone all items for all characters were unequipped. Reason behind this is that some characters can no longer equip items that were allowed to equip by custom changes.

New costumes in dress room:
  • Avalanche Femme Costume
  • Avalanche Femme Witch Hair
  • Avalanche Homme Costume
  • Calyce Vampire Look
  • Cannon Shooter School Look
  • Cecile Ponytail
  • Cecile School Look
  • Charm Hair
  • Claire Bikini Costume
  • Claire short hair
  • Cruz Avalanche Hair
  • Emilia Avalanche Costume
  • Emilia Avalanche Hair
  • Gradation shaggy
  • Gradation shaggy blend
  • Grandies Vampire Look
  • JD Avalanche Hair
  • Lisa Avalanche Hair
  • Ludin Marine Look Costume
  • Magic party dress
  • Magic party hair style
  • Mireille School Look
  • Montoro Polar Bear Costume
  • Natalie summer costume
  • Natalie summer hair
  • Nena Bikini Costume
  • Rachel Marine Look Costume
  • Rosa Pink Rock Star Hat
  • Rosa Rock Star Costume
  • Santuario Metal Armor Costume
  • Sierra Summer Costume
  • Sierra Summer Hair
  • Sirius Beach Wear
  • Sirius School Look
  • Sirius Short Hair
  • Snowfield witch hair
  • Stylish Sun Glasses
  • Sunset rouge costume
  • Valeria Vendetta Vampire Look
  • Vendetta Vampire Hair
  • Vincent School Look
  • Zebra costume

Fanatic Mail Task quest fixed for 184 people that were affected by bug.

2016-09-13 changelog

No game changes are introduced this week.

Due to lots of complaints about rsync errors this week updater backend was worked on. As you noticed from multiple issues we had few days ago it was a bit bumpy ride but everything seems to have settled down. If you still have issues - do not hesitate and create thread in forum and problem will be addressed in one way or the other.

Meanwhile if you do not follow our roadmap on trello here are some upcoming short term features (in listed order):

  • Undoing custom character balancing changes introduced by Kimo. We started with Figher and Friede, but going character by character is too slow. Further changes will be reverted in bulk.
  • New costumes and updated dress room (worked in parallel)
  • World PVP X
  • Porting over character changes from official servers
Indeed research and work started on World PVP X. It is not an easy fix but so far things are looking bright. No, it does not work yet, not test server, not even on my work machine, but once we get there everyone will have a chance to try it early ;)

2016-09-06 changelog

Character changes this week are basically undoing harmful character balance changes we did in the past. List may not be 100% accurate.

Friede changes
  • Decreased INT from 90 to 80
  • Decreased CHA from 75 to 70
  • Rocking Stance ATK Bonus has been decreased from 52% to 40%, decreased Base Penetration, removed Base Immunity
  • Chromatic - Cooldown has been increased from 60.0s to 180.0s, no longer gives Monster Blow Damage upon Level 12 and higher, duration decreased from 30.0s to 20.0s
  • Arounding - Skill duration has been increased to 3.6s (was 3.3s), hits up to 5 (was 8m enemies 6m (was 8m) away, Removed chance of inflicting [Enervation],
  • Power Stroke - hits up to 5 (was 6) enemies 1.5m - 10m away and within a 4m (was 6m) radius
  • Accelerando - Hits up to 5 (was 8m enemies 1.5m - 8m away and within 5m (was 8m) radius, increases [Freedom of Soul] by random number between 1 – skill level.
  • Finishing - Hits up to 10 enemies 8m (was 10m) away with
Fighter changes
  • Peltast max range 1.25m (was 1.5m), decreased block rate to official values
  • Rapid Shot – decreased hate, increased cast time from to 1.2s (was 0.3s)
  • Implosive Shock – reduced max range to 1.25m (was 7.5m), increased cooldown to 30s (was 10s), reduced hate, removed possibility to add Critical Wound debuff.
  • Light Flow – duration increased (like official), no longer reduces 1DR when shield equipped, no longer gives increases monster blow damage and penetration, and no longer reduces monster damage when lvl 12 and above.
  • Piercing Bound – reduced range to 6m (was 8m), reduced hate, increased cast time to 2s (was 1.5s), stun chance increased to 50% (was 25%)
  • Infinity Shooting Star – reduced max range to 1.25m (was 2.5m), reduced hate
Triggers fixed for
  • Strata Devil Cannon
  • Evil Shotgun
  • Evil Cannon
  • Grimoire of Tyrant
  • Lute of Tyrant

2016-08-30 changelog

  • Fixed CW FFA (link).
  • Fixed inventory checks for lots of item boxes (link).
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